Note to cons: Stop trying to spin Murdoch's $1 million donation to the GOP

Because honestly, you just look silly. Just ask Tim Graham at Newsbusters.

And now joining the lineup is the RW blog site American Thinker, busy trumpeting what it thinks is a big scoop:

MSNBC Parent Company Has Given Democrats $1.1 Million in 2010 Cycle

Do I even have to tell you where this is going? Set aside the fact that MSNBC's “parent company” is GE, which happens to be one of the largest, most diverse companies in the world (not to mention a major defense contractor), which means it's likely to spend more money lobbying politicians that a straight media company like Murdoch's News Corp.

More importantly, this RW gotcha only works if MSNBC's parent company gave a bunch of money to Democrats and very little to Republicans, because that's what made Murdoch's largess so stunning: $1 million to the Republican Governor's Association, $0 to the Democratic Governor's Association.

Meaning, Murdoch wasn't even trying to create an impression of balance when it came to political donations. So American Thinker's answer to that embarrassing revelation only makes sense if MSNBC's parent company's political donations were just as partisanly lopsided as Murdoch's, right?

Okay, cue the punch line: GE gave $1.1 million to Democrats and GE gave $731,000 to Republicans.

Like I said, conservatives should really just walk away from this story. Because every time one of them tries to defend it or explain it away, the firecracker goes off right in their face.