Watch Tamron Hall School White Right-Wing Radio Host For Opposing Transgender Equality

Hall: “Keep In Mind When Rosa Parks And Dr. King Were Fighting For Civil Rights, There Was Probably Some Radio Guy Also Saying Come On, That It Wasn't A Civil Rights Issue”

From the May 13 edition of MSNBC’s MSNBC Live with Tamron Hall:

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MICHAEL MEDVED: The fact that the Obama administration chooses this time to try to not only violate the constitution in terms of arrogating power from congress on this issue of transgender bathrooms. But to completely shatter the idea of local control and to basically bribe these schools or attempt to threaten these schools on this issue --

TAMRON HALL (HOST): Well Michael that’s your perspective on that. They see it as a civil rights issue. They point to Title IX. So obviously you're pointing out your conservative viewpoint in the story, but you have -- you have your party's standard bearer right now who your own party believes doesn't know the separation of power, doesn't know the constitution.

MEDVED: That's exactly the problem, is that right now this is a period of great vulnerability, on this issue in particular. The Obama administration I think looks terrible. Loretta Lynch yesterday equating this to the noble civil rights struggle of Dr. King and Rosa Parks. Come on. This is just wrong.

HALL: Well, keep in mind when Rosa Parks and Dr. King were fighting for civil rights, there was probably some radio guy also saying come on, that it wasn't a civil rights issue, and many governors.

MEDVED: What I'm saying here is the idea of having a 14-year-old boy shower with 14-year-old girls is not the same in any sense.

HALL: But that's not what's happening, according -- that is not -- this is a whole different segment but that is not what is happening if the person’s gender identity is not that. I don't want to turn this into that conversation. Let's stick to the problem that your party has, which is again going back to the candidate who yesterday met with the speaker of the house who wonders perhaps even allowed if he knows what separation is of powers, if he knows that this is not a kingdom that he can reign over, that he knows what the constitution even means.


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