Watch the former president of Univision call Trump's interview with Univision “a one-hour propaganda open space”

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Citation From the November 20, 2023, edition of MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Show

JOAQUIN F. BLAYA (FORMER PRESIDENT, UNIVISION): Well, first of all I think to call the Trump an interview, it's mistaken. It was not an interview as we understand in the United States. That was basically a one-hour propaganda open space for former President Trump to say whatever he wanted to say.

More dangerous than that even, Rachel, you referred to it in your introduction, had to do with the coverage of the local station for three hours and the banners that were running on-air. There are many, many banners, but one of them referred to how Trump's statement that we had become the septic tank for immigration. He's obviously referring about Hispanic immigration; he's not talking about Norwegians or Swedish coming to America. And this was being run on-air in regular programming on the Miami Univision station. A real insult to the Hispanic community of this country.