Watch Chris Hayes highlight how Fox News directed a “hate fest” towards an exonerated 22-year-old

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Citation From the March 12, 2024, edition of MSNBC's All In with Chris Hayes

CHRIS HAYES (HOST): That was Karla Jacinto Romero with good advice that Republicans absolutely refused to take. Her story, her horrible story, appropriated by Katie Britt. The twisted claims were wildly and grossly misleading. She implied it was happening in the U.S. now because of Biden's border policy?

But here's the thing. That's gotten a lot of attention. It's dime a dozen when it comes to right-wing immigrant fear mongering. Remember this guy? Remember him? He's a migrant from Venezuela named Jhoan Boada.

He was the focus of the right-wing media's hate last month after he was accused of being part of a gang that attacked NYPD officers in Times Square and then he was subsequently photographed flipping the bird while leaving court. And to be clear, when I saw that image and this story break earlier this year, I thought if I were a Fox News producer or worked the New York Post, I'd be running with this. And I'm a bleeding heart liberal and even I found this image provocative, let's say.

So did actual Fox producers who covered Boada in at least, get this, 84 segments over 38 days according to Media Matters.


And the hate fest even went from Fox News to a political ad cut by a pro-Trump super PAC.

But then this month, guess what happened? Manhattan prosecutors dropped the charges against Boada. You know why? They told the judge that further investigation proved that Boada, that guy who had always professed his innocence, did not participate in the attack in question. They misidentified him. It wasn't him. They got the wrong guy, not him. He didn't do it. Have you seen coverage of that? You think they've run 84 segments on Fox News about that?