Watch Chris Hayes detail Fox News' dangerous coronavirus coverage

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Citation From the March 23, 2020, edition of MSNBC's All In With Chris Hayes

CHRIS HAYES (HOST): Over the last several weeks, Fox News, particularly some of its most popular hosts have done this utterly insane about-face. They started by echoing the president's line, downplaying the coronavirus saying it was just like the seasonal flu and Democrats are weaponizing and hyping it and then turned around and started saying, this is deadly serious. The president's got it under control. Also, we don't like China. And a great piece in the "New York Times," Ben Smith writes about how destructive the Fox News message has been. Quote, 'I asked Ashish Jha the director of the Harvard Global Public Health Institute who appeared on Fox News recently whether he believes people will die because of Fox's coverage. Yes, he said. Some commentators in the right wing media spread a very specific type of misinformation that I think has been very harmful.'