Watch Ali Velshi slam Kris Kobach for claiming a dead man voted in 2006 “who was very much alive”

Velshi: “You got this wrong. You actually went after a particular voter who you said was dead and voted ... a newspaper found him mowing his lawn”

From the June 30 edition of MSNBC's MSNBC Live with Ali Velshi:

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ALI VELSHI (HOST): What are you trying to get at? You're asking for -- you're asking for people's names, initials, middle initials, date of birth, whatever. That's normal, right? Then you want your political party --

KRIS KOBACH: Most states are going to give name, date of birth --

VELSHI: Right. Then you want political party, you want voter history, and information regarding felony convictions, and information regarding voter registration in another state, information iregarding military status and overseas citizen information. What are you going to do with all that information?

KOBACH: Okay. Well, let me give you an example. The Pew Charitable Foundation, their trusts -- one of their trusts, has estimated that 1.8 million deceased individuals are on the voter rolls in the country, and they think their estimate is low. Well, we could actually find out what the real number is, if we take the voter rolls of the states and we match them against the Social Security Administrations deaths -- list of people who have died. Let's find out what the real number is, and then if have you the voter history, you can say, “Okay, how many of these names appear to have voted after the date of death?”

VELSHI: Right, and --

KOBACH: So it's just a matter of actual numbers versus --

VELSHI: That's interesting, except you --

KOBACH: It's very interesting, and why not find out?

VELSHI: Because you got this wrong. You actually went after a particular voter who you said was dead and voted in an election, and it turned out that the guy was very much alive, and I think a newspaper found him mowing his lawn.

KOBACH: Right.


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