Trump Surrogate Refuses To Believe MSNBC’s Kate Snow’s Fact Check Of His Clinton Foundation Spin 

Snow: “Our Reporting Doesn’t Match What You’re Saying”

From the November 3 edition of MSNBC's MSNBC Live

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KATE SNOW (HOST): We just talked to Governor [Jennifer] Granholm before the break, obviously a supporter of Hillary Clinton, and we talked about Donald Trump's, one of his messages today where he went after Hillary Clinton and  talked about the FBI being near indictment of Hillary Clinton. I just want to note again that law enforcement officials tell us at NBC News that the FBI did take an initial look at the Clinton Foundation but that based on allegations that were out there in the press but that there have been no developments in that investigation over the past few months.

MATT SCHLAPP:  Let me just say that might be what they're telling NBC, but Fox broke last night with two sources inside the FBI that this is a serious target, this investigation of the Clinton Foundation, that they are putting more agents on it, not less, and they think there are a serious problems in the e-mails. They said that  there’s a 99% chance that up to 5 foreign entities were able to look at all of Hillary Clinton's emails. This is being reported in the The Wall Street JournalThe Washington Times, in The New York Times and I think it's important for you to say what we know, which is this is a very serious investigation. 

SNOW: What we know, I'll just repeat it again, what we know, and I checked with Pete Williams a little while ago, law enforcement officials talking with us,  say there was a look at this, there was an initial look at the Clinton Foundation within the FBI based on allegations that were in the press, that were in a book that's been cited. Butthat there were, there had been no developments in recent months

SCHLAPP: But Kate, why did Comey then send the letter to the Democratic leaders and the Republican leaders on the Hill saying -- 

SNOW: That's a separate investigation, that's the investigation about the e-mail server, that very much exists. Yes.

SCHLAPP: Yes, yes and then the second investigation --

SNOW: But you are conflating two things. Those are two different things

SCHLAPP: Now what I'm saying -- no, no okay let me just be clear. What I am trying to say is there’s two active investigations. And that is a serious thing in the voters' minds. Why are her numbers on honesty and trustworthiness going into the basement? It's because we've seen these Wikileaks, we've seen these developments that we’ve learned are different than what she said publicly, what they said privately, And we see that the FBI views this as very serious potential wrongdoing. I can’t  predict what the FBI will do. I think it's fair for that you’re saying that we don't know what they’ll do until their investigation is done. But it is wrong to sugar coat this and  say it that mostly this is almost over and we've already looked at it. That is not correct.  



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