Rachel Maddow reports Trump administration took $10 million from FEMA to fund immigrant detention and deportation 

From the September 11 edition of MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Show:

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RACHEL MADDOW (HOST): Tonight Sen. Jeff Merkley of Oregon has gotten his hands on a document that has never been seen publicly before, which appears to show that Donald Trump's Department of Homeland Security requested to transfer about $10 million out of the budget for FEMA this year and into the coffers of ICE to support ICE's detention and deportation programs for immigrants. Sen. Merkley's office believes the transfer of these funds happened this summer just in time for hurricane season. Sen. Merkley will join us live in just a moment. 


Just before airtime, the Department of Homeland Security, in our efforts to independently verify this document, we did finally get a response to them, and they all but confirmed that Sen. Merkley is right here. Just a few moments ago, Department of Homeland Security just confirmed to us that these monetary transfers out of the FEMA budget were made. A DHS spokesperson didn't dispute the authenticity of the document to us and instead told us that the money didn't come from any of our disaster response and recovery efforts, but again, it appears that it did come from FEMA. 


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