Rachel Maddow: “Fact-Checking [Carly Fiorina] Right Now Is Like A Three Alarm Fire”

Maddow: “You Can't Be As Wrong As She Is, As Frequently As She Is”

From the September 17 edition of MSNBC's MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts:

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THOMAS ROBERTS: When we talk about being authentic, Carly Fiorina really got a chance to shine last night. A lot of people think that she brought heft to that stage, substance and specificity that hadn't been there in prior debates with everybody else. But she also got a chance to hit back to Donald Trump for sexist or misogynistic remarks about her face. Do you think that that was a moment for her? 

MADDOW: It was definitely the most memorable moment of the debate. And in a debate, that spreads across five hours, having the single most memorable moment is itself an achievement. We'll see what happens there. There's a couple different things at play. Donald Trump does have this sexist thing that he's been playing for a little while in the campaign. Now The Des Moines Register came out with a brutal editorial against him, specifically on the issue of sexism this week saying every woman knows a guy like Donald Trump, he's the jerk in the bar who puffs up his chest and stares at yours. Really, he's getting a reputation for this being part of the way he campaigns. Carly Fiorina taking him on on that is obviously like hitting something that a lot of people think is important. Carly Fiorina having a good night, though, last night does have sort of another side of it to her, in that she's getting fact checked today on a lot of things that she said because she spoke so much and because she stood out. And fact checking her right now is like a three alarm fire. She doesn't know what she's talking about a lot of the times when she's talking. That's okay when you're a 0 percent or 1 percent candidate because nobody cares. But when you do start getting a lot of attention you can't be as wrong as she is as frequently she is.


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