Rachel Maddow: Even After Ted Nugent's Anti-Semitic Facebook Post, Ted Cruz Touts Nugent's Endorsement

Maddow: “Ted Cruz [Is] Bragging On His Website, Even Tonight, About How Ted Nugent Says Ted Cruz Is His Favorite Presidential Candidate”

From the February 16 edition of MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Show:

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RACHEL MADDOW (HOST): This time of year, year after year, doesn't bring out the best in Republican politicians, not at least on the specific issue of religious bigotry. And one of the uglier moments in that kind of bleeding edge conservative politics, just from the past week, was this image that was posted online by a national board member of the National Rifle Association. An image that makes the case that it's the Jews who are coming for your guns. A bunch of different Jewish public figures, all marked with little Israeli flags next to them. The caption on former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg calls him “Mikey Bloomberg, the Mayor of Jew York City.” The caption on the late Senator Frank Lautenberg says “Gave Russian Jew immigrants your tax money.” 

The board member of the National Rifle Association who posted this “Jews coming for your guns” graphic is a board member who's named Ted Nugent. Mr. Nugent is definitely a professional provocateur, but this is kind of beyond the pale, even for gun rights people who usually like him. Not for Ted Cruz though, not before the South Carolina Republican primary. Despite Ted Cruz wanting to be seen as the most pro-Israel candidate in the whole Republican race, Ted Cruz is sticking with Ted Nugent. He's campaigning on having Ted Nugent's support for president. Ted Cruz bragging on his website, even tonight, about how Ted Nugent says Ted Cruz is his favorite presidential candidate, even after Ted Nugent has done this thing about the Jews coming together get your guns.


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