NY Times' Glenn Thrush blasts the White House's ongoing coordination with Fox News and conservative media

Thrush: Seth Rich lawsuit allegations are “just the latest example of that kind of coordination”

From the August 2 edition of MSNBC's Deadline: White House:

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GLENN THRUSH: My sense is that the general feeling was it was part of the interaction that they often have with conservative media. You know, Steve Bannon who sits in the West Wing is obviously the former chairman of Breitbart and he has communications, it's been well reported that he has done that. In Josh Green's excellent book he talks about Bannon having communication with Roger Ailes and Ruper Murdoch. So I think those kinds of interactions are standard for this White House. And the larger context I think that it's important to understand here is this president and his staff have been relentless, relentless.

In fact Sarah, prior to that exchange I had with her was blasting the press in its Russia obsession has been relentless of accusing us, the press of being light on Hillary Clinton and at times colluding with Democrats, the truth of the matter is, the coordination that has occured, and it is amply documented over and over again is between the White House, Fox News, where they have these interactions with and the president tweets every single morning about Fox & Friends, Breitbart and other conservative news organizations that the White House is allied with including Sinclair media with whom Jared Kushner cut a deal. I think that is the dominate news story, the sort of news politics nexus story that people need to focus on and I think what Sarah was addressing here was just the latest example of that kind of coordination.


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