NRATV’s resident sexist attacks “sexy” female MSNBC host on International Women’s Day

NRATV commentator Colion Noir added to his history of misogynistic comments when he criticized “sexy” MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski for being part of the “largest gun conversation this country has ever had.”

The National Rifle Association media platform’s newest commentator video comes amid repeated calls for stronger gun safety regulation after a February 14 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL, left 17 dead.

In the video posted on International Women’s Day, Noir claimed Brzezinski’s “entire knowledge on guns is based on the … Google search she did while standing in a Starbucks line.” Noir went on to say that despite this supposed lack of knowledge, Brzezinski “gets to be part of the conversation” while he “can’t be.” From the March 8 edition of NRATV’s Commentators:

COLION NOIR (NRATV HOST): Right now America is having the largest gun conversation this country has ever had, and no one bothered to actually invite the gun owners. Sure, they talk about gun owners, but they don't actually want them part of the conversation. Unless they need a bad guy to verbally accost, that is. They treat the conversation on guns like a line outside of a night club. And the asshole bouncer is our mainstream media. Sexy cable news anchor whose entire knowledge on guns is based on the “what is an assault weapons” Google search she did while standing in a Starbucks line this morning before work -- she gets to be part of the conversation. Sycophantic Democratic politician who believes we lose 93 million Americans a day to gun violence -- he gets to be part of the conversation. Anti-gun groups financed by anti-gun megalomaniac billionaire, outed for lying and falsifying stats on guns -- they get to be part of the conversation. Journalist who, in an attempt to prove how easy it is to buy a gun in America, tries to buy a gun only to fail the background check because of his history with alcohol abuse and domestic battery charge -- he gets to be part of the conversation. But 34-year-old attorney with 11 years of gun advocacy documented online, in print, and video, who is also an NRA commentator, gets invited to ask the current president a Second Amendment question only to have the White House say sorry, we're going to focus on other topics and are going to find another participant in place of the gun topic. And then watch in confusion as they talk about guns. No, he can't be a part of the conversation. That's a true story, by the way, circa 2013, but I digress.

The NRATV commentator’s latest video adds to a long list of sexist comments he’s made, including referring to former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton as “THOT” (which means “that ho over there”) in a tweet because of her support for stronger gun laws and comparing paying taxes on a firearm purchase to rape in another tweet. (He later apologized for the latter claim.)

During previous NRA videos, Noir also often intertwined his commentary on guns with commentary on women. In one instance, the video opened with a scene of a stylishly dressed woman standing in an alley. Doing a voice-over, Noir appeared to describe the woman, ranging from her clothing (“Her Jimmy Choos can't be comfortable, but you'd never know it”), to her intellect (“Chess, yeah it's a men's game, but when she plays, men pay”), to her actions (“Flirts more than you can handle, too. She's the kind to tell the bartender how to make her drink”). But in the final shot, the woman was seen holding a Heckler & Koch MR556 assault weapon and Noir revealed he was talking about the firearm the whole time (however nonsensically).