NBC’s Rick Stengel says Fox News hosts spreading election lies they knew were false “should be the end of the news organization”

Stengel: “The most incriminating thing is the Sean Hannity remark saying I didn’t believe it for one second”

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Citation From the January 19, 2023, edition of MSNBC's Deadline: White House

NICOLLE WALLACE (HOST): I want to show you some of the evidence that exists out there of Giuliani and Barr saying they never believed any of this hogwash about the voting machines. Oh, we don't have it. Let me read it to you, Rick.

Giuliani said, "I do not think the machines stole the elections." Barr said, "I found Dominion to be among the most disturbing allegations, disturbing in the sense that I saw absolutely zero basis for the allegations. I thought, boy, if he really believes this stuff, he's become detached from reality." Eric Herschmann, White House deputy counsel: "I never saw any evidence whatsoever to sustain the Dominion allegations."

RICK STENGEL (GUEST): And Sidney Powell's lawyer said no reasonable person would take her argument seriously. I do think this is the actual malice standard which was established in New York Times v. Sullivan, a reckless disregard for truth. I think the most incriminating thing is the Sean Hannity remark saying I didn't believe it for one second. That's a news organization, that person on the air saying what he's saying to the viewers is not something he believed. That should be the end of the news organization.