NBC's Andrea Mitchell Takes Down “Factually Incorrect” Claim About Clinton's Libyan Intelligence

Andrea Mitchell: Hillary Clinton Had “A Lot Of Sources On Libya,” Including The State Department, CIA, And National Security Council

From the October 22 edition of MSNBC's MSNBC Live with Thomas Roberts:

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BRIAN WILLIAMS (HOST): Andrea, the snippet we saw, where you got brought into this, was from Meet the Press, a moment where you decided to differ with a member of Congress who is on this committee. Tell us the background there, of that, and your decision to step in and disagree.

ANDREA MITCHELL: Well, Congressman Pompeo, whom I've spoken with before, since, and in fact this morning, is a member of the committee, and we were on live television, and he suggested that most of [Clinton's] intelligence on Libya came from Sidney Blumenthal. And, what she is saying today in her testimony-- I objected, I said that it was not factually correct, because I knew that she did not rely on emails for intelligence. She had daily meetings, she was briefed by the CIA every day. She did not use email, she didn't have a computer in her office, and that she went through not only the State Department intelligence unit, the CIA, but National Security Council meetings, so that she had a lot of sources on Libya, and did not rely on Sidney Blumenthal for “most” of her intelligence, as she had phrased it, on Libya.


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