NBC reporter points out that Trump used an “NRA talking point” when he called universal background checks a “slippery slope”

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Citation From the August 20 edition of MSNBC Live with Ali Velshi:

GEOFF BENNETT (NBC WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT): The president talking about enhanced background checks, tougher gun restrictions. When you hear him use that phrase, “slippery slope,” that, we should say -- make clear, is an NRA talking point. Wayne LaPierre talks about how, in his view, tougher gun laws would lead to a slippery slope that leads toward gun confiscation. Just 11 days ago, here's what the president said about the NRA’s position on this. He said, “They think you approve one thing and that leads to a lot of bad things. I don't agree with that. I think we can do meaningful, very meaningful background checks.” But here again, the president is retreating from that position.