MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle: Devin Nunes is able to get away with helping Trump obstruct justice because he is “locked away in the safe bosom of Fox News”

From the February 5 edition of MSNBC Live with Stephanie Ruhle:

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STEPHANIE RUHLE (HOST): Max, I go to you first. And I want to start with the president's tweet this morning accusing [Rep.] Adam Schiff [(D-CA)] of leaking classified information. That's a crime. Is the president of the United States accusing Adam Schiff of committing a crime? Because let's remind everyone, it was less than a week ago that he reached out in a bipartisan way in his State of the Union address. And Trump enthusiasts applauded him, saying, “Anyone who doesn't appreciate, who doesn't see that he's reaching across the aisle is blind.” Here we are less than a week later.  

MAX BOOT: Yeah, I am starting to think, Stephanie, that Donald Trump may not be fully committed to bipartisanship here. He makes a lot of accusations. I mean, remember, it was only a few weeks ago that he was accusing the FBI of, quote, unquote, “treason” because of the Peter Strzok text. So we've all gotten used to Trump throwing out these crazy wild accusations. That's kind of what you expect from him. What's really disturbing to me here is the extent to which Hill Republicans are marching in lockstep behind him. I mean, they are supporting the president's attempts to obstruct justice. To prevent an investigation of a foreign attack on America. I mean, this is shocking and of course, Congressman Nunes, the Inspector Clouseau of the Kremlingate case, is first and foremost trying to throw out all sorts of distraction and confusion and prevent people from focusing on what's really important. It's just pathetic that he's allowed to get away with it. 

RUHLE: He is. But Devin Nunes is doing this locked away in the safe bosom of Fox News, where he can spout that crazy and they've been hearing it, they've been spreading it for the last year, along with other right-wing outlets. 


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