NBC's Jacob Soboroff fact-checks Trump on child separations: “It meets the UN definition of torture”

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Citation From the October 22, 2020, edition of MSNBC's Presidential Debate on MSNBC

JACOB SOBOROFF (NBC CORRESPONDENT): The other thing I want to say is I was, as Joy said, one of the reporters that I guess the president mentioned, without naming me. They invited me to go to the epicenter of this policy, the McAllen border patrol processing station, "Ursula" it was known. 

He said they were very well taken care of, but that was not the case at all. What I saw there was little children sitting on concrete floors covered by Mylar blankets supervised by security contractors in a watchtower.

It makes me sick every time I recall it, and Physicians for Human Rights, won a Nobel Peace prize, they called this torture. It meets the UN definition of torture. The American Academy of Pediatrics called it government-sanctioned child abuse, and the president of the United States, I guess interprets that as children being well taken care of. 

And no one else ever did this, Rachel. The Biden administration, the Obama administration didn't do this. This was uniquely a Trump administration policy.