MSNBC's Hugh Hewitt says Trump encouraging violence at his rallies is “equivalent” to Mitch McConnell being heckled

From the October 26 edition of MSNBC's MTP Daily

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STEPHANIE CUTTER (GUEST):  This president has incited violence. He has, you know, people at his rallies, he talks about punching people in the face. He throws people out. You know, this is how he won the presidency. The politics of fear. There is no equivalent in the democratic party. 

HUGH HEWITT (GUEST): There is an equivalent. There is a man screaming at Mitch McConnell in the restaurant, there is Maxine Waters--

CUTTER: Screaming at a restaurant does not-- 

HEWITT: Which violates 18 U.S.C. 351


CUTTER: We can talk about that. We are talking about the president of the United States

HEWITT: I'm talking about incendiary behavior--


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