MSNBC's Hugh Hewitt: Comey Keeping Memos On Important Interactions With Trump Is “Kind Of Creepy”

From the May 17 edition of MSNBC’s MSNBC Live:

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CHRIS JANSING (HOST): Do you have a sense, Hugh, though that the tide has turned? I mean when you talk about people like [Rep.] Jason Chaffetz [(R-UT)], now granted, he’s decided he's going to go back to Utah, but he is asking for all of the relevant information. Any tapes that might exist. We haven't even gotten to the president suggesting that there might be tapes of all this. You have [Rep. Justin] Amash [(R-MI)] now saying he thinks that this could be an impeachable offense. You have John McCain drawing some parallels to Watergate. You've got a lot of sources within the Republican Party, obviously. Do you sense at all that what we learned over the last 12, 18 hours from The New York Times, then our own reporting here at NBC, that the tide is starting to turn against the president?

HUGH HEWITT: The attention is starting to turn to specific lines of the inquiry. And I think that focus is going to increase and dramatically intensify if we get these memos. But I have to disagree with Michael. What the Jason Chaffetz's asked for, what [Sen.] Ben Sasse [(R-NE)] wants, are all of the [former FBI Director James] Comey memos that are talked about in The New York Times today. He took meticulous memos, allegedly, of every meeting with the president. What Ben Sasse wants to know is what other people did he take memos about? [Former FBI] Director [Robert] Mueller did take hand-written notes about that very famous meeting at [former Attorney General] John Ashcraft's hospital bed, but it’s never been that said that he kept daily logs of his interaction with the president. That in fact is kind of creepy. It’s like J. Edgar Hoover. And I do believe there's a big investigation with a lot of potential tenpins being bowled over in every direction, and there is going to be a lot of intensification of focus on it in the weeks ahead. But we cannot jump from a New York Times story that was dictated by a friend of Comey's to a New York Times reporter to impeachment or crisis. What we have to do is get the memos, if there are White House tapes -- by the way, Ben Sasse said he wants those tapes, as well -- get everything and look at everything, and at everyone. And by the way, this doesn't stop with this administration. Director Mueller [sic] was the director when [former Attorney General] Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton, when Lois Lerner was at the IRS. There are lots of hand-written or personally dictated memos by Director Comey that we need to get into the hands of the Article I oversight authorities of the Congress and let the chips fall, Chris. Let the chips fall.


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