MSNBC's Chris Matthews On Sally Yates: She Was “Attractive, Obviously,” In Her Testimony To Congress

From the May 8 edition of MSNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews

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CHRIS MATTHEWS (HOST): A couple of things are going on here in playing defense, Trump does the distraction thing talking about, oh, unmasking over and over again, talking about leaking over and over again, talking about [Sally] Yates as some sort of partisan tool. I have to say that just watching her today, I wouldn't want to be against her. Unflappable, attractive, obviously, very well spoken, that nice southern accent, standing up there right in the face of Ted Cruz, when Cruz was being, I thought, pretty nasty. Right to him, right back with the facts as a great debater, and he always looks like he's got you, and he didn't get her.


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