MSNBC's Chris Hayes Highlights Conservative Media's Irresponsible Coverage Of Fox Lake Police Officer's Death

Hayes: False Narrative Of Murder “Amounted To Conclusive Evidence For Some Of A Quote, 'War On Cops'”

From the November 4 edition of MSNBC's All In with Chris Hayes:

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CHRIS HAYES: A little over two months ago, all eyes were on the small village of Fox Lake, Illinois, where on the morning of September 1, a police officerhad been found unconscious with a gunshot wound after telling a dispatcher he was pursuing who white males and a black male. The officer, Lt. Joesph Gliniewicz, succumbed to his wounds. And over a dozen law enforcement agencies in the area launched an enormous manhunt for the three suspects, deploying helicopters, dogs, and about 400 officers searching door to door with within a radius of over two miles. Just a few days earlier on August 28, a sheriff's deputy in Houston had been fatally shot at a gas station while filling up his police cruiser. And those two incidents in such short succession amounted to conclusive evidence for some of a quote, “war on cops” fueled by President Obama and the Black Lives Matter movement. Then-presidential candidate Scott Walker penned an op-ed for Hot Air blaming the president for, quote, “a rise in anti-police rhetoric,” leading to, quote, “a disturbing trend of police officers being murdered on the job.” Pat Buchanan accused President Obama of being, quote, “a conscientious objector on the war of cops,” and Fox News trotted out a string of law enforcement officials to lend credibility to the so-called phenomena. 


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