MSNBC's Chris Hayes: Dominion filings show Fox News is “a deceitful, money chasing” conservative propaganda machine

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Citation From the March 2, 2022, edition of MSNBC's All In With Chris Hayes

CHRIS HAYES (HOST): There's, of course, the general public outside the Fox News universe, many of whom still presume the network holds some kind of base level of legitimacy. And we now have clear evidence in black and white that it doesn't. It's not a legitimate news network. The filings in Dominion Voting Systems' lawsuit against Fox prove, once and for all, it is fundamentally a propaganda arm of the conservative movement and a deceitful, money chasing one at that.

But then there are the people who fully subscribe to the Fox News cult, if you'll call it that. They're going to be much more difficult to reach because one of the things that makes all of this so asymmetrical, right, is that unlike the folks watching this right now, for instance -- and this is borne out in the data, you can look at it -- Fox has such a monopolistic hold on its viewers. And they know this.