On MSNBC's All In, George Takei Warns: “The Fearmongering From The Republicans, Is Chilling”

Takei: “I Grew Up Behind The Barbed Wire Fences Of American Concentration Camps”

From the April 29 edition of MSNBC's All In with Chris Hayes:

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GEORGE TAKEI:  I want it to be the kind of America that I love and the largest common ground we share is as Americans. We don't want a fearmonger, someone who wants to build walls on the southern border, ban Muslims, all the things that we don't want our country to be. I love America and I don't want that to be the America that we're going to be living in after November. 


We need to come together so that we don't have someone like Donald Trump as a president. I as a child experienced an America that was quite different from the one we have today. I grew up behind the barbed wire fences of American concentration camps. And that was because the nation was swept up by war hysteria and the fact that we happened to look like the people that bombed Pearl Harbor and I don't want that kind of America to return. And what we hear, the fearmongering from the Republicans, is chilling and I know how horrible that can be.


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