On MSNBC’s All In, A Former NYC Officer Says Giuliani “Hits A New Low” “Every Time He Speaks On Race”

Eugene O’Donnell: “People Of Good Faith Should Be Calling [Giuliani] Out” On His Attacks Against Black Lives Matter

From the July 11 edition of MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes:

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EUGENE O’DONNELL: It is important to say Rudy Guiliani is in a special category. This is a person that made a study out of the most divisive, inflammatory rhetoric with the African-American community, and sadly, is a two term mayor. So we're not talking about crazy people speaking in the recesses of social media or somebody saying, you kill one of us, we'll kill two of you in a crowd, we're talking about somebody who every time he speaks on race hits a new low. I'm not even an African-American, I find one of the things -- because I know his playbook -- that I find particularly offensive is when he pretends to be talking to the African-American community when he's really talking at the African-American community, and has nothing to say to them. He poisoned race relations in New York City almost irreparably. We're trying to get a handle on this. He is one of the most extremist, divisive people, I think I remember when he contemplated running for Senate against Mrs. Clinton, I believe the poll showed the African-American community, he had zero percent. David Duke would have 1 percent. That's the kind of mayor he was. And people who saw him in action -- we can talk about how he destroyed the police profession as a labor mayor -- but people of good faith should be calling this guy out. And what’s scary is -- we have people running for high office here. If they said what they're saying out loud on Facebook as cops, they'd be terminated tomorrow morning.


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