MSNBC Shows How Wisconsin Voter ID Laws Disenfranchised College Students

Jacob Soboroff: “The Issue Is That Everybody That Wanted To Vote That Goes To This School Could Not Use Their School Issued School ID”

From the April 5 edition of MSNBC's The Place for Politics:

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JACOB SOBOROFF (REPORTER): Hey, Brian. Straight up, got to tell you guys first and foremost, we are not seeing the long lines. Come over here. This is where some shorter lines were earlier today at this location. But we're not seeing lines at the biggest university in the state of Wisconsin. We're seeing some limited same-day registration right here. And the question is, in Bernie Sanders stronghold, is this not a good sign for Bernie Sanders who was polling about ten points ahead in this area. We can actually check the tally of the overall votes at this location right now. The big question to ask is, is this because of the voter registration issue and the voter ID issue. We've got 1607 voters at this location at one of the busiest places at a school with 43,000 people. Limited people voting here at the end of the day. And again, the issue is that everybody that wanted to vote that goes to this school could not use their school issued school ID. What this is, is a voter ID issued by the school. Students were able to come and pick this up. Again, what I need to stress here is, that we are not seeing these long lines. And potentially, that's because people were discouraged because they couldn't find these. 


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