MSNBC on-screen text attributed to Obama camp claim that Obama met with troops in Iraq without press -- but NBC had reported it as fact

On the July 28 edition of MSNBC Live, on-screen text stated, “Barack Obama's Campaign,” beneath which was additional text stating, “Obama camp: He met troops in Iraq without American press.” However, while the text attributed the assertion that Obama “met troops in Iraq without American press” to the Obama campaign, NBC chief foreign correspondent Andrea Mitchell, who was with Obama on the trip to Iraq, reported the same thing earlier in the day on MSNBC Live, asserting that she had personally confirmed it. Mitchell said, “I can attest to the fact that he did visit troops in Iraq only four or five days earlier, that there was no notice of it, that I confirmed that it happened, but they had no video of any type and no reporters. And that he's been to Walter Reed. So let's at least get that off the table.”

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