On MSNBC, Muslim Activist Linda Sarsour Explains How All Forms Of Extremism Should Be Concerning

Arab American Association Of New York's Linda Sarsour: “I'm Tired Of This Idea That Extremism Can Only Mean Muslims Or Islam”

From the December 7 edition of MSNBC's All In with Chris Hayes:

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CHRIS HAYES (HOST): What is your reaction to what happened last week and how that is sort of working hand in glove with all the stuff that's been stoked before it even happened? 

LINDA SARSOUR: The shooting that happened in San Bernardino is absolutely outrageous and the Muslim community is outraged like we would be outraged about any shooting of any innocent people. But the framework that we're working from, including the framework that our president is using when he only mentioned Fort Hood, San Bernardino, and Chattanooga, which are all three shootings that were committed by Muslims and wanted to ignore the many shootings that are happening by others, including other right-wing extremists, pro-lifers, and others. Makes it seem like terrorism, mass shooting is only a Muslim problem. And when he called on the Muslim community that we have to root out this extremism -- I'm cool with that. I'm all about that. But who's rooting out extremism in other communities? And he didn't call on us as a country to stand together against all forms of extremism. I'm tired of this idea that extremism can only mean Muslims or Islam or people who are associated with Islam. Extremism comes in all forms and we've seen that, but why is it that we're only obsessed with Islam and Muslim communities? As if we've never cooperated with law enforcement ever. Forty percent of plots that have been foiled in this country, have been disrupted by Muslims.


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