On MSNBC, Jacob Soboroff describes visiting border prison where “there are babies sitting by themselves in a cage with other babies”

From the June 19 edition of MSNBC's The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell:

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JACOB SOBOROFF: Chris just hit the nail on the head, Lawrence. Inside of this building that we’re standing in front of, 1,100 kids have been separated from their parents. I was inside the building and there are babies sitting by themselves in a cage with other babies. Where are those babies going to go? Where are they going to put those babies when their parents are picked up and sent into a federal prison or a local jail and then deported and then they never come back? You want to know what happens next? The babies don't end up making it into a facility like this. The parents that would normally come to the babies don't show up to declare asylum, they decide run from the border patrol instead and then the next chapter in this story, we're going to be seeing pictures of dead babies in the Arizona desert and in the south Texas brush.


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