On MSNBC, former federal judge Michael Luttig calls SCOTUS immunity ruling the “unsouling of America”

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Citation From the July 1, 2024, edition of MSNBC's Deadline: White House

MICHAEL LUTTIG (GUEST): As you said, this is indeed an historic day in constitutional history as well as for the nation. Today's decision represents what I have called, as you know, the unsouling of America. America's democracy and rule of law are this country's heart and soul. Our democracy and the rule of law are what had made America the envy of the world and the beacon of freedom to the world for almost 250 years now. Today, the Supreme Court cut that heart and soul out of America, holding that the former president is immune from prosecution for any of his actions in and around January 6th, taken in his so-called official capacity as President of the United States. 

No longer can it be said that in America no man is above the law. Today, our Supreme Court held that the President of the United States and particularly the former President of the United States is in fact above the law. Nicolle, before today no one, no one has ever even thought that a president would be absolutely immune from prosecution, from crimes he committed against the United States of America while in office. And that is all the court had to say to decide this case today.