On MSNBC, David Brock Debunks Myth That John Podesta's Request To “Dump” Clinton Emails Was An Order To Destroy Records

Brock: “In Washington Parlance, 'Dump' Means 'Release Or Make Public'”

From the November 2 edition of MSNBC's MSNBC Live with Stephanie Ruhle:

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STEPHANIE RUHLE (HOST): David, something that doesn't work for Hillary Clinton is email. And again, we know that WikiLeaks, the content hasn't been verified. We are concerned about who the hackers are. But I want to ask you about the John Podesta email back in 2015 that came out of WikiLeaks which says, quote, “We're going to have to dump all those emails.” I mean, that's a tough one. 

DAVID BROCK: Right well, as you know in Washington parlance, “dump” means “release or make public.” And so, again, you say that these emails haven’t been authenticated and that is true --

RUHLE: So hold on, John Podesta wasn't saying -- 

BROCK: But let's take it -- let's just take it at its face. No, what he was saying was we're going to have to release or make these emails public. Now, he knew, for example, that 55,000 pages of Secretary Clinton's email had already been turned over. And what he was doing was saying we’re going to make them public. And the fact is Secretary Clinton asked the State Department a few days after the date of that email to make these public. They were made public, which people forget was really an unprecedented act of transparency to make all those business-related emails public. So that’s what he was talking about. He references Lanny Davis in there, or Lanny -- that’s clearly Lanny Davis -- who was out on television saying the same thing, “Let's put all these emails out.” So that's what that dump meant.

RUHLE: Perfect. All right, David, thanks so much for joining me for that clarification. “Dump” as in “let's put it out there.”


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