MSNBC contributor John Podhoretz complains about anti-Kavanaugh campaign, ignores right-wing dark money

From the October 5 edition of MSNBC Live with Katy Tur:

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JOHN PODHORETZ (NY POST): All the rules have been thrown out here, and norms have been violated, and one can say that these norms began to be violated in every possible realm, except Supreme Court nominations, and now they have been violated in Supreme Court nominations in both directions. In other words, we have the -- we have [Brett] Kavanaugh going explicitly partisan, and we have a last minute late hit with uncorroborated evidence. And Kavanaugh, I think, must have felt -- must have thought -- his team must have thought that there was-- 

KATY TUR (HOST): That's the thing, you say, “his team,” he's going to be a Supreme Court justice, his team should be the law and the Constitution, not Republican senators. 

PODHORETZ: Well, OK, OK, so now, let's return to the planet Earth and say that there is a $50 million campaign against him, and almost uniform media --

TUR: There's a lot of money spent in the campaign for him as well --

PODHORETZ: Yeah, right, but there's a uniform mainstream media deep skepticism to hostility toward him, and while people may think that this was a mistake --

TUR: Why him, though? That didn't exist for Justice [Neil] Gorsuch, why suddenly --

PODHORETZ: Justice Gorsuch had to -- there were allegations that Justice Gorsuch had been a sexist, that he had mistreated women who had tried to seek clerkships from him, and a filibuster had to be broken in order to get Gorsuch confirmed. So, I think there's a little bit of historical rewriting going on in the Gorsuch case. All I was going to say is this, it's bad that all this has happened with the Supreme -- It's terrible. It's a terrible thing and the violation of our norms is a terrible thing. That said, it worked. I heard [The New York Times'] Nick Confessore say this was sort of problematic. Gorsuch rallied the right in the United States behind him with a passion that was not there before he spoke. And I think that his nomination would have gone down had he not done what he did in that speech. 


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