On MSNBC, Ann Coulter Says Trump Is Changing "The Way People Look At Fox News As Maybe Not Always Our Network

Coulter: “Monopolies Can Get Arrogant”

From the January 27 edition of MSNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews:

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CHRIS MATTHEWS (HOST): Will he or won't he show up? Donald Trump?

ANN COULTER: I hope he doesn't. He has established himself as the reay alpha dog as if he hasn't already. Look, I like a lot of things about Ted Cruz, but one of his Achilles heels is, he does not have a sense of humor. I think the joke about Donald Trump being afraid of Megyn Kelly, you know, it just doesn't work. Nobody thinks Donald Trump is afraid of anything. And I mean, as you just, and thank you for telling the story properly, it wasn't over Megyn Kelly. It was over that snippy, smart-alecky press release. And I would ask you to imagine, what if NBC released such a press release to a Republican candidate before a debate? It really is -- it really is kind of shocking, and I think Trump is shaking up the way people look at Fox News, as maybe not always our network. 

MATTHEWS: Why do you think Roger Ailes who had to sign off I assume, on any PR that went out, it was sarcastic as hell, it made fun of Trump. It made fun of him, the front running candidate for the Republican nomination of President. It made him into sort of a little chicken. Why would -- this last question to you because I want to ask Dana, why would Roger Ailes start a fight that could cost him, God, 15, 20 million people tomorrow night watching. 

COULTER: No, that's right. That's why Trump has established himself as the alpha dog. I suppose because Fox News, I mean, I don't know, I don't know if Ailes even saw it, but monopolies can get arrogant. There does seem to be a little bit of arrogance here. I'll also say that it's just that it's smart-alecky in how it treats Trump, it's really insulting to voters. Look, Trump didn't like a question going back to his days as a reality TV host, when meanwhile, and I actually liked that question by the way, I have no complaint with Megyn Kelly. It's my one disagreement with Donald Trump. I like the question. The unfairness was that none of the other candidates were asked tough questions. Why were you asking about what Trump said as a reality TV host and now about he's going to help wounded veterans, how he's going to get people back to work, how he's going to deport illegal aliens. Those are the questions and voters want to hear answers to. Not this silliness about things he said in fun and to be funny. 


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