MSNBC's Jonathan Capehart slams congressional candidate Leon Benjamin for anti-LGBTQ Facebook post

Benjamin: “I think the LGBTQ are all facing high gas prices”

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Citation From the January 15, 2022, edition of MSNBC's The Sunday Show with Jonathan Capehart

JONATHAN CAPEHART (HOST): Mr. Benjamin, I gotta get you on one more thing, I know we’re out of time, but in 2011 you posted on your Facebook page anti-LGBTQ rhetoric, people can see it there. You called, likening LGBTQ people to those who are, quote, sick, quote, alcoholic, quote, drug addicted. You started this conversation by saying that you were running to be a bridge, you used the word unity. How is that being a bridge? How is that being a unifier for the fourth Congressional District of Virginia that, most likely, has LGBTQ people in that district? 

LEON BENJAMIN (CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATE): I think you're looking at it a different way. We're talking about the compassion. As a pastor for 21 years I think the compassion that I have, that my opponent lacks, in bringing all people together — I think the LGBTQ are all facing high gas prices — I don't think we should marginalize one group of people and use it for political gain. I think that the LGBTQ, the homosexuals, are dealing with high gas prices, the inflation, the high crime, the education. I think all of us are dealing with issues, and we shouldn't marginalize them. And I think my compassion really shows strong enough, which my opponent lacks. I don't think my opponent has compassion for all people, but I do.   

CAPEHART: Mr. Benjamin, as an out, gay, married man, I have a hard time finding compassion in that 2011 Facebook post or your November 16th post, after the passage of the —

BENJAMIN: Come to my church. You will be welcome. I will not push you away. I will not marginalize you. 

CAPEHART: Leon Benjamin, candidate for Virginia's fourth Congressional District, thank you for coming to the Sunday Show.