James Carville: Trump’s Debate Performance Was So Bad, Roger Ailes Will Have To Disavow Involvement

Carville: “I Just Bet You That The Word Comes Out From Roger, 'I Didn't Have Anything To Do With This, Don't Pin This On Me'”

From the September 27 edition of MSNBC's Live Post Debate:

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BRIAN WILLIAMS: While we're having a moment, James Carville would like in. James, critique the job you just heard Kellyanne Conway doing, up against withering questioning from Chris Matthews.

JAMES CARVILLE: Well, look, I thought I was back watching Crossfire when I was on that. I mean look, she talked a lot and she has a difficult job. One point I wanted to make is so much of the Trump persona and so much of what he talks about is winning, and how he's a winner, and everybody's a loser.

And I think a lot of his supporters like -- take pride in the fact that he's such a winner, and he was anything but that tonight. And I wonder what the effect of this is going to be on the enthusiasm of his supporters, that he actually -- and he got beat by Hillary Clinton who to a lot of his people is evil incarnate, or is a weak person or something like that.

So, I -- this is kind of a unique thing where somebody whose whole branding is built around being a winner and he can win for the country really did -- lost so bad tonight. It's going to be curious to see how he carries that through. But I agree with Hugh, we got two more debates to come. She's going to take each one of these things deadly serious.

And Nicole, I bet you tomorrow that Roger Ailes gets out that he didn't have very much to do with preparation. I just bet you that the word comes out from Roger, “I didn't have anything to do with this, don't pin this on me.”


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