Fox News Ignores High-Profile Police Shooting Of Unarmed Latino

Despite coverage from many major media outlets, Fox News has not reported on the killing of  Antonio Zambrano-Montes, who died after being shot at 17 times by police officers in Pasco, Washington. The New York Times has dubbed the shooting a "'Ferguson' moment" for Latinos, given the racial dynamics in Pasco, “a city of 68,000 that is 56 percent Hispanic.” 

Zambrano-Montes was killed on February 10 after having thrown rocks at passing cars and police. As the Associated Press reported, “Video taken by a witness shows the man running from officers. As the officers draw closer, he stops and faces them. Multiple pops are heard, and he falls, twisting, to the ground as the pops continue.”

In contrast to Fox News, MSNBC's Jose Diaz-Balart covered the Pasco shooting on February 20 and February 26, as did CNN host Chris Cuomo on the February 27 edition of New Day.