Former Bush DOJ official: “It's absolutely despicable” that Trump media allies are attacking Robert Mueller

From the June 12 edition of Fox News' All In with Chris Hayes:

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CHRIS HAYES (HOST): It's been interesting to watch folks, allies I would say, political allies of the president begin to sort of circulate the idea the Mueller is essentially a partisan hack. That he's a hatchet man and that he's compromised. And as someone, I guess, at the Justice Department during the Bush administration, Mueller was the FBI director at the earliest parts of the war on terror. What do you make of that characterization? 

CARRIE CORDERO: I think it's absolutely despicable. Bob Mueller has been a, he was actually a Republican Bush administration transition official as either the acting attorney general or the deputy attorney general and then he was confirmed as FBI director. He has a stellar reputation. He is unquestioned in his integrity. He led the FBI during an incredible transition after the September 11th attacks. I saw Director Mueller on the floor of the FBI strategic operations center on the day and the days after September 11th. And I really just can't believe that there are Republican politicians who are out there trying to, in some way, insinuate that he is a partisan actor.


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