Eric Boehlert On MSNBC Live: Dakota Access Pipeline Protests Have Been “Criminally Undercovered” By The Press

Boehlert Explains That Media Have A “Long-Running Double Standard” When It Comes To Covering Progressive Protesters

From the November 25 edition of MSNBC Live:

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JOY REID (ANCHOR): The Washington Post had a headline on Monday talking about this use of water cannons on the Dakota Access protesters. The weather was freezing, it's like 35 degrees there now, it’s going to be 23 tonight. It's very cold. Why would something like that not cause -- not be front page headlines all over the country?

ERIC BOEHLERT: Right. The story has been unfolding for a long time. It's sort of been criminally undercovered for a very long time. So, you know, it was making news during the election cycle, but we've come to the point where, you know, during a campaign, we cover one story. I mean, it's literally election coverage 24/7. October, September, November, all these months. So, this is, obviously, an important story, needed to be covered, wasn't. Look, the press does a very bad job, liberal protesters, progressive protesters. Go back to the run-up to the Iraq war. They were dismissed, set aside, not important. Flip it over, Obama hadn't even filled out his Cabinet, and the Tea Party protest began, that was nonstop news. So there's a long-running double standard in terms of how the beltway press looks at protester based on ideology, and again, this is just a criminally undercovered story.

REID: To say nothing of the protests at the inauguration in 2000, which many Americans don't even know happened.

BOEHLERT: That’s right.

REID: They don't even know there were massive protests against the inauguration of George W. Bush. You would think it never happened, because it never made the media.


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