Eric Boehlert On All In: Conservative Media Is “Veering So Far To The Right With The People Who Really Do Deal From The Bottom Of The Deck”

From the August 17 edition of MSNBC's All In with Chris Hayes:

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JOY-ANN REID (HOST): The reality is that the media does have this desire to normalize the Trump campaign. This desire to make them the one hand versus the other hand. And so even just getting us to talk about the fact that maybe or whether or even to debunk the idea that Hillary Clinton has some medical problem, it still gets it out there. So that's their goal, right?

ERIC BOEHLERT: The goal is to get it out there, but it's not getting any traction. You think back to maybe 2004, the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, that was a serious organized smear campaign, that was false but it did serious damage. The press paid incredible attention to it. It was on the front page of the newspapers. That was an example of a right-wing media sort of campaign that paid off. This stuff is a joke. It's never going to win the day or anything else. It's just sort of this nonsense. You know, if there's any person who is not going to lose five minutes of sleep worrying about this, it's Hillary Clinton, as you say, who's been in the arena for 20 years. She has faced every sort of serious, semi-serious and nonsensical conspiracy theory that the right-wing media has been able to cook up. The difference now is, they are veering so far to the right with the people who really do deal from the bottom of the deck. That’s going to reflect, in the end, worse on Republicans than it is going to on her, I think. 


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