Bret Stephens: Men accused of sexual misconduct are taken through “kangaroo courts” on college campuses 

Stephens: “We've seen a lot of journalism right now being committed in the Kavanaugh case that shouldn't reach print”

From the October 3 edition of MSNBC Live with Stephanie Ruhle:

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STEPHANIE RUHLE (HOST): Brett, what do you think about what the president is saying? Because people are saying to me every day, what do you think about your sons? How would you feel if it were them? And that question weighs on me. 

BRET STEPHENS (NY TIMES OP-ED COLUMNIST): Look, I think there's some validity to it. And look, part of the problem that we have with Donald Trump, and I think with every demagogue is that demagogues don't traffic in outright lies. They traffic in half truths. And there is an aspect of truth to what he's saying, that there is suddenly this view, I keep hearing the word, you know, “white male” being used constantly as a pejorative, there have been many cases -- well-documented journalistically by people like Emily Yoffe -- of young men being taken through sort of kangaroo courts on campuses and being charged with -- 

RUHLE: There's also plenty -- we keep hearing about these white men falsely accused. There's quite a few black men who have been falsely accused. 


STEPHENS: And by the way -- and Emily Yoffe covers that brilliantly in The Atlantic. So, I think that that has to be -- that aspect has to be taken seriously. It's really incumbent, especially now, and I say this especially among journalists, to try to be as fair, and thoughtful and judicious as we can. Because we've seen a lot of journalism right now being committed in the Kavanaugh case that shouldn't reach print, allegations that are coming out of -- that are thinly sourced and are suddenly front page news. That actually hurts our credibility in the long term.


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