Bret Stephens: It would be “fundamentally unfair” of Christine Blasey Ford not to testify 

Senate Republicans refused her request for an FBI investigation and said Monday is the only day she can testify

From the September 20 edition of MSNBC Live with Craig Melvin:

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CRAIG MELVIN (ANCHOR): What do you think happens tomorrow at 10 a.m., of course, the deadline imposed by Sen. [Chuck] Grassley? What do you think happens come Monday morning?

BRET STEPHENS (NY TIMES OP-ED COLUMNIST): Well, let me look at my crystal ball. I have no idea. I think [Christine Blasey] Ford would be wise to testify. This is going to be her one chance to make an impression on the American people. She was a reluctant witness, but she did volunteer her name. She did volunteer to be a witness. And I was listening to what your guests said earlier, and it's true, you're always in a tough position in a high-pressure, high-profile situation like that. But, look, we've seen other witnesses rise to the occasion. When you're telling the truth, people sense it, people know it. I remember listening to Peter Strzok talk to a Senate committee not so long ago. He changed the national conversation about his case. I think this is her one opportunity to do so. The problem that she faces is that if she now walks away from testimony after having said she will testify, she does two things. She creates an impression that this is really political. It's a part of delaying the process. And I think it's fundamentally unfair to Judge Kavanaugh, who has to be able not only to deny the allegation, but also to have some sense of what the allegation is that he's trying to disprove.

MELVIN: Do you think part of the allegations themselves are at all political?

STEPHENS: We don't know. And I wish people would stop saying  “I believe Dr. Ford” or “I believe Judge Kavanaugh.” The truth is none of us know, not one of us in this room or anyone that we've heard of except those two individuals and maybe Mark Judge knows what happened 36 years ago allegedly in that room in Maryland.


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