Ari Melber highlights Fox News’ dangerous coronavirus lies and how it puts their viewers at risk

Melber: “There are surveys on this, showing a majority of people who get information from Fox still think the virus threat is overblown”

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Citation From the April 10, 2020, edition of MSNBC's The Beat with Ari Melber

ARI MELBER (HOST): The people treating this deadly pandemic like a game are the ones you just saw, projecting their own "disgusting problems" on others, trotting out doctors with their own agenda. And let's be clear. In the case of some on Fox News, some of their coverage here, it risks hurting their own audience. Remember how we began tonight. Ignorance makes you weak and vulnerable with a threat like this.

And there are surveys on this, showing a majority of people who get information from Fox still think the virus threat is overblown. They're more likely to downplay it even compared to other Republicans. If you don't get your information from Fox News or online conspiracy theories, you're less likely to think it's overblown because it's not overblown. This is a pandemic wiping out lives everywhere it goes. Wiping out more lives in this country than any other on that map behind us here. This has frozen life as we know it. It's tanked the economy because the alternative would be even worse, a higher death toll that would also still be tanking the economy. But let's be clear. For Fox viewers, it's especially perilous. The median age there is 67. That mostly older audience, especially vulnerable if they contract this virus. And as we just showed you, they've been told to basically downplay it.