Angelo Carusone tells Chris Hayes about how Stormy Daniels' story reminded him of how a Trump employee attempted to intimidate him

From the March 26 edition of MSNBC's All In with Chris Hayes:

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CHRIS HAYES (HOST): Angelo, you had a run-in yourself. Tell me about it. 

ANGELO CARUSONE: I did. So, this is back in 2012, I had launched a campaign to get Macy's to fire Donald Trump. It had about 700,000 petition signers at this time. We were doing our first delivery. It was right around Thanksgiving. so I didn't want to have all of these people going up to Macy's in New York City right around Thanksgiving Day Parade.

So, we only had a couple hundred people that sort of got an invitation to go, and you know, the events were -- the time and place were public and people knew about it, but we were very careful to select the group. 

There was a guy that showed up. He was pretty big in a trench coat, a little suspicious. I assumed maybe he might have been a security guard or whatever, but I had no idea who it was, and at one point he mentioned to me, “You know, you could get hurt doing what you're doing,” very casually. 

And it was like, “Hey, this is a sort of a comical threat.” I mean, it's an exaggeration, honestly. You never hear that in real life.

And then fast forward a couple of years later, I was watching TV during the campaign, and it turned out to be Donald Trump's top security guard. I recognized his face, and then I went back and looked at pictures from the events, and you can actually see him lurking off in the background. He showed up, and I was able to remember that that was the guy. 

HAYES: So, wait, that's Keith Schiller, by the way, the individual you're talking about. We're showing a picture of him right now. 


CARUSONE: Donald Trump threatened to sue me for $25 million, and Michael Cohen was saying I was engaging in “mafia-style tactics” and calling into radio programs that I was on. So, it was exactly -- when Stormy was talking last night, the pattern of behavior, and some the players, sounded very, very familiar. 


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