On AM Joy, Eric Boehlert Explains How “No Amount Of Disclosure Is Enough” To Solve NBC's Trump Conflict Of Interest 

From the December 10 editions of MSNBC's AM Joy:

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JOY REID (HOST): Now, if somebody -- there are so many ways now if someone wanted to curry favor with the next president, through what one might call a bribe -- stay at his hotel, swipe your credit card, now advertise on The Apprentice. There are just too many avenues to Emoluments Clause violations. 

ERIC BOEHLERT: Yeah, it's a disaster. No amount of disclosure is enough here. Is NBC for the next four years, every time they report on Trump, say by the way our parent company has a financial relationship with Donald Trump? NBC Entertainment, as you said, split with Trump last year because of his core values do not reflect NBC. What has he done in the last year that has brought him back into the family that reflects these NBC core values? We have to stop normalizing this stuff. I saw a lot of journalists on Twitter, it's Trump being Trump what's the big deal. Look, there's been a centuries-long tradition in this country, that it is a distinct honor and privilege to serve as president. If you have to make a couple of sacrifices, you do it. He refuses to do it, and the advertising. So he just picked a fight with Boeing, so what if theoretically a company like Boeing says we have to mend fences with Trump. CNN reported, on The Apprentice, companies that want an episode to revolve around their product can donate $5 to $10 million and Apprentice will be about their product. So what if a company, in theory, says let's give The Apprentice $5 million and Trump could get a cut of that? I mean, we're just paying off the president, this is insanity.


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