On All In, Eric Boehlert Explains That Fox News Continued To Promote Executives Implicated In Quieting Harassment Reports

Boehlert: “They Promoted People,” Like Fox Co-President Bill Shine, “Who Were Implicated In Covering All This Stuff Up”

From the April 21 edition of All In with Chris Hayes:

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ERIC BOEHLERT: I mean Bill O'Reilly has been a cornerstone of our [Media Matters'] monitoring for ten years. I mean Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, that's who we started out pointing out. This is misinformation. It's kind of rancid stuff and as Amanda [Terkel] describing, the DNA goes beyond that, right? It goes to this bullying, this kind of intimidation. 


BOEHLERT: And he's kind of personifies this kind of this jerk culture, this persona. But now we realize it's not a persona, it didn't end from eight to nine o'clock at night. It existed around the clock for people who worked at Fox News and women who worked at Fox News, who worked for O'Reilly and who worked for [former Fox News CEO Roger] Ailes. So we're getting a much larger picture than when Media Matters started ten years ago, [that] Bill O'Reilly lies. We're getting a picture of this work culture at Fox News that is just kind off the charts. It's synonymous with almost the sexual predator of Trump during the campaign and Roger Ailes, the allegation against him certainly are beyond harassment. It's a very ugly picture, it's a very ugly culture that Rupert Murdoch has created

HAYES: Do you think the place can change?

BOEHLERT: It can. The question is will it? Bill Shine has been promoted to president of Fox News last summer, right? The Murdoch sons could have come in and really cleaned house after Ailes. They promoted people who were implicated in covering all this stuff up.

HAYES: Explain who Bill Shine is.

BOEHLERT: Bill Shine is a longtime Ailes confidant -- O'Reilly confidant -- and he was promoted to Fox president last August. And people said -- and people like, people who worked at Fox had been very specific, “He quieted us. He told us to take the buyout. He told us not to go after Roger Ailes,” and they promoted him. 

HAYES: Right.

BOEHLERT: And so that's -- they still have a huge cultural problem.


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