MSNBC: Sanction Pat Buchanan

MSNBC: Sanction Pat Buchanan

UPDATE 2/16/12: Pat Buchanan's days as an MSNBC political analyst have come to an end. Buchanan credited the work of Color of Change, the Human Rights Campaign, and Media Matters with this change.

Pat Buchanan's bigotry has been on full display these past weeks as he appears across the media promoting his latest book about the harms he thinks America will suffer as it becomes more racially diverse. Buchanan's recent inappropriate remarks are nothing new for him -- they are part of his long history of bigotry. That's why, in 2009, the Anti-Defamation League labelled Buchanan an “unrepentant bigot” and warned that he “increasingly demonizes Jews, blacks, and non-white immigrants.”

Buchanan is a paid MSNBC analyst. For too long, MSNBC has helped validate his vitriol by giving Buchanan a national platform. But enough is enough. It's time for MSNBC to stop ignoring Buchanan's bigotry.

Please sign the letter to MSNBC's management explaining why they can no longer ignore Buchanan's bigotry and why they must act now.

Dear MSNBC Management:

Pat Buchanan, a paid MSNBC analyst, has recently appeared across the media promoting his new book, in which he argues that America is “disintegrating” because “white America is an endangered species.” Here are just a few examples of his conduct during this publicity tour:

Buchanan appeared on a “pro-white” radio program, where he attacked America's increasing diversity and warned that the country would face numerous problems when whites become a minority.

When pressed by a radio host to explain his warning that test scores will decline “as more and more of the children taking those tests will be African-American and Hispanic,” Buchanan refused to disavow the idea that non-whites have inferior genes.

Buchanan argued that blacks and whites were more unified during segregation than they are today.

This isn't a new phenomenon. Pat Buchanan has a long history of bigotry and inappropriate comments.

During the Nixon administration he reportedly informed the president that “Dr. King is one of the most divisive men in contemporary history.”

In a 1989 column he implored the GOP to “take a hard look” at former KKK leader David Duke's “portfolio of winning issues.”

Over the years, he has called gays and lesbians “sodomites” and said they are “literally hell-bent on Satanism and suicide”; called homosexuality a “disorder” that can be handled with therapy; and said that in a “healthy society, it will be contained, segregated, controlled, and stigmatized.”

These are just a few among the many examples of Pat Buchanan's bigotry.

For too long, your network has ignored Buchanan's bigotry. But, enough is enough. MSNBC has the power to send a message -- that it will not tolerate bigotry by its employees, on its airwaves or off.

You have a record of holding MSNBC employees accountable.

Several years ago, your network dropped the simulcast of Don Imus' radio program citing “a very long list of inappropriate comments.”

Please take the necessary steps to ensure that MSNBC stops supporting Buchanan's bigotry.


[Your Name]

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