Sen. Harry Reid Slams Morning Joe's Fawning Koch Brothers Interview

Reid: “When The Media Rolls Over For These Modern Day Robber Barons, As It's Doing Now, Our Country's In Trouble”

From the November 4 edition of C-SPAN 2:

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HARRY REID (D-NV): Mr. President, over the last several months, the Koch brothers have been on a public relations campaign. This Koch propaganda campaign has accelerated over the past few weeks. 


The Kochs want everyone to believe they're not the ones rigging the system to benefit themselves and their wealthy friends. The Koch brothers are spending their vast wealth holding newspaper and television interviews on their propaganda campaign. But in spite all of their efforts, this Koch media tour has failed to bury one simple truth: the Koch brothers are trying to buy America.


The Kochs have also procured a media that is intimidated by their billions -- too intimidated to hold them accountable. Consider yesterday's interview on MSNBC's Morning Joe show. This is classic, listen. Here are some of the questions that Joe and Mika asked the Koch brothers. Joe Scarborough asked, “It's hard to find people in New York, liberals -- we were talking about this before -- liberals or conservatives alike, who haven't been touched by your graciousness, whether its toward the arts or cancer research. Do you think you got that instinct from your mom?” Huh. Mika asked, “Sitting here in your childhood home” -- they were doing this interview in Topeka, Kansas -- “we have the Koch brothers, which was the good brother?” Another tough question. Joe then asked, “You guys both play rugby, right? Play together?”

Sometimes, most of the time, they weren't even questions, they were just compliments. 


Wow, those were some really tough questions asked by the hosts of Morning Joe. That's tough journalism. Those questions are so easy, they may even qualify them to moderate the next Republican presidential debate. It seems that some journalists are determined not to get on the wrong side of the Koch brothers and their billions. 


When the media rolls over for these modern day robber barons, as it's doing now, our country's in trouble. 


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