Scarborough declares “if planes go into buildings...blame Dana Priest” for exposing use of waterboarding

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From the April 28 broadcast of MSNBC's Morning Joe:

PAT BUCHANAN: Well, let me ask you this: If we sit there and we use these long-term interrogation methods, and planes go into buildings, and it could have been stopped, would it not be fair to hold Obama responsible and the people who denied this methodology, which might have saved the lives?


BUCHANAN: I mean, if you're going to blame Bush --


BUCHANAN: -- we got seven and a half years --

CARLSON: Yes -- no --

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Except -- OK, but let's just be fair here. The second waterboarding came in -- the second Dana Priest wrote her article and we had this debate on waterboarding, we were moving towards not using waterboarding again. We don't -- these techniques are worthless now anyway.

So, if planes go into buildings, well, don't blame Barack Obama, blame Dana Priest and the chaos that occurred after that, 'cause that was -- when her article came out, from that point forward, this secret CIA program was dead on arrival.