MSNBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin: France Uses The Phrase “Islamic Radical Terrorism” And That Didn't Stop The Attack

From the July 15 edition of MSNBC’s Morning Joe:

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JOHN HEILEMANN: Let me ask you this question. When you hear the way our presidential candidates are talking about this, how is that heard outside the United States? 

AYMAN MOHYELDIN: Well, there's a bit of a disconnect. On one hand, you, there's a debate about using the word Islamic radical terrorism, that’s a big political issue. France uses that terminology and this didn't stop France from being attacked. You're hearing, as well, from Newt Gingrich now talking about a test on Muslims or you're hearing lieutenant general --

MIKA BRZEZINSKI (HOST): Very severe statement. 

MOHYELDIN: Very severe statement. You're also hearing comments by others saying that you should ban Muslims or Mike Pence saying that the West is being attacked and the notion that we're being attacked here in our home, there are a few disconnects with that. And this is what you hear from a lot of diplomats, particularly in the Gulf. They constantly say that Muslims are being killed more than Westerners. This is not an attack on Western civilization, this is an attack on all civilizations. We are victims just as much, they're willing to get in that fight. The other disconnect, though, is the notion about war. What is a war look like more than what we are doing now? Are you prepared to put ground troops into Syria and in Iraq to, once and for all, fight ISIS?

BRZEZINSKI: Once and for all.


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