Morning Joe Panel Continues Critiquing Clinton's Voice, Even After Admitting It's “A Gender Thing”

From the April 12 edition of MSNBC's Morning Joe:

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JOE SCARBOROUGH (CO-HOST): I think Hillary's, you take the answers, those two clips right there, I think that's Hillary Clinton at her best.

NICOLLE WALLACE: Yeah. And a lot of people, you know I, we watch her speeches on the nights of the primaries live, and sometimes they sound, that's an intense environment. Those are huge crowds. I think that she's so policy-focused that she's so effective and powerful in these settings. She seems to have sort of, I don't know. She's pulled back a little bit. And that attack on the guns is so, you know, I got chills. This is the third time I've heard it. And you know, I think when she makes an argument like that in sort of a more serious tone, it's deadly.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI (CO-HOST): Well, it's the power of really good delivery.

WALLACE: Yeah, really.

BRZEZINSKI: Which, I think it is, as a lot of candidates have learned along the way, and some of them actually learn and some of them don't, you know, there are times you have to, and I remember, I learned this on book tours, where you're like, put the mic closer to your mouth. You have to learn exactly how it's supposed to sound, and sometimes you have to translate how you think it's sounding to how it really sounds. In a huge room, you can actually talk very quietly and you're far more effective. And then not be --

WALLACE: And it's a gender thing, right? I mean a man, Bernie Sanders barely has a voice and he screeches and there's never any comment. You know, like I think he sounds like he's about to lose it. But we never talk about it. She, you notice how she's delivering. And just as a woman. And I love --

BRZEZINSKI: Because she's made some significant changes.

WALLACE: Yes. And she's sort of trying out different, I think, approaches. This is really good. I mean this is really effective.

BRZEZINSKI: Bernie Sanders hasn't needed to, nor has Donald Trump.

MARK HALPERIN: Don't underestimate the fact that she's campaigning in a state she feels she knows, she understands. She's got a feel for.

WALLACE: Yeah, confidence.

HALPERIN: Bernie Sanders might be from Brooklyn originally, but she knows how to campaign in New York. There's a comfort level.

HAROLD FORD JR.: She's won two times here.

SCARBOROUGH: That's why I said, when you look at the clip, I think that was her at her best.

WALLACE: Me too.

BRZEZINSKI: Executed well, too.

SCARBOROUGH: You felt the comfort level. She was in the pocket.

FORD JR.: The tone, the voice level, I would agree with everything combined with the power of the message.


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