Morning Joe Hosts: Hillary Clinton Is Acting “Like A Little, Sad Victim,” It's “Absolutely Pathetic”

From the October 27 edition of MSNBC's Morning Joe:

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JOE SCARBOROUGH: Mika, is that sexist, what Bernie Sanders said?

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: No. That was -- don't make me say it, Joe.

SCARBOROUGH: No, say it.

BRZEZINSKI: No, please don't make me say it, because then, you know.

SCARBOROUGH: Well, let me just say that's pathetic. That's just absolutely pathetic.

BRZEZINSKI: That was pathetic.

SCARBOROUGH: That's pathetic.


BRZEZINSKI: When [HBO show] Veep does it, Julia Louis Dreyfus, it's hysterical, because it's so ridiculous. That wasn't even funny, that was pathetic.

SCARBOROUGH: But playing the --

BRZEZINSKI: I know sexism. Hillary Clinton knows sexism. She should know better than to let her staff make her do that. It needs to be her. She needs to get out there and talk. Everyone stop writing lines for her. They're bad. Really bad. And when we talk about sexism, we talk about women and equal pay and all these things that are important, let's not denigrate it with that stupidity. Let's not, because we embarrass ourselves. I'm, like, cringing. You really shouldn't have asked me.


SCARBOROUGH: That is sad and pathetic, and that is exactly why people like Donald Trump are doing well.


SCARBOROUGH: Because it's political correctness, it's just total BS. And why would Hillary Clinton's campaign feel like they needed to play the sexism card. She's doing well now. Act like a little, sad victim? Poor little me, oh, no, -- and I'm not going to stop roaring about guns and that. It's pathetic.


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